While I applaud Paisley's ambition in applying for UNESCO World Heritage Site status, in respect of its proud history of weaving and thread-making, perhaps they should have done it before knocking down almost every mill in the town.

The Paisley I grew up in, in the 1970s, was a bustling and businesslike place, with a great live music scene. Today's Paisley is a desert of boarded up shops surrounded by a one-way system.

As I said, the UNESCO thing is a nice idea, shame it's come 30 years too late to save the town.

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Gym delight

These supergyms which have been created by Glasgow Life as a temporary measure in the run up to the Commonwealth Games are actually a great result for us users.

The Gorbals one is fantastic and there is more equipment than we have ever had. Any chance of us keeping it when everything goes back to normal?

C Gentles


CCTV in taxis

WITH regards to Thursday's article CCTV in taxis. I'm a Hackney driver in Glasgow and this will be a great way to deter anti-social behaviour which at weekends can happen from time to time.

N Learmonth

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Duke's cone

I read in Friday's Evening Times your story about one complaint for the cone on the Duke's head.

It just goes to show the plans to remove it made no sense at all. When you see the image all over the world and people buying up postcards, surely it is a good thing and generates interest in our city.

C Rogers

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