I JUST read in your newspaper about the suggested smoking ban in cars with children, which I totally agree with.

However, right now it's an offence to smoke in a commercial vehicle (as it's regarded as a workplace) but this law is openly flouted.

You never see any action taken, so are the police going to enforce the law with children if they don't do it with commercial vehicles?

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Rank service

I AM so angry. I stood waiting at a taxi rank at the back entrance of Central Station on Saturday night for an hour in the rain, only to be told that the driver would not take me to Cambuslang because he did not want to go there.

I get taxis all the time from town and am always told there is a boundary charge, which I don't mind because they can't pick up on the way back in to town.

I had to wait in the queue again for another hour.

What a welcome tourists get in Glasgow.

Miss R Reid Glasgow

Pram shame

'GOOD customer service, fast, efficient and always on time' - this is what First Bus aim to provide but what they achieve is entirely different.

I waited with my baby nephew in the freezing cold for a 267 service in Rutherglen but when the driver opened his doors he shouted 'yer no coming on".

When I asked why, he said there was one pram on already. He refused to give me his name or driver number, then laughed as I walked off the bus.

I made an online complaint to First Bus who said "prams should not be allowed on, they use too much room".

What service is that? I had to keep a baby in the freezing cold hoping that the next bus wasn't full.

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Seeing sense

BUS lanes should be for peak periods only - this would make sense. Then again, if it makes sense, the council wouldn't recognize it.

John McAughey, Montreal, Canada