For many months I have been reporting a broken street drain, in danger of collapse, to the council.

I have also reported an overflowing dog dirt bin and a lake forming in the street, presumably because of a blocked drain.

These issues are all within 100 yards of each other in Mosspark.

Surely with all the council workers going up and down these streets these issues should have been noted by them.

The last time I phoned the call centre I asked if they progressed these issues to see if action had been taken. I was told that all they did was to pass on the report.

Come on council, do something please, the system's clearly not working.

Bill Love Mosspark

Slow coaches

Further to your report on Queen Street Station (Five years for Queen Street Station revamp, Saturday), the whole project has been characterised by cuts of key elements, and by slippage in timescales for the core Edinburgh-Glasgow line.

Contrast this with the North West electrification scheme whose early phases, completed on time, are already benefiting passengers.

Is the EGIP fiasco the result of dumbed down management at Network Rail Scotland, or ham-fisted political interference by Keith Brown as advised by Transport Scotland - or a bit of both?

John McMaster Mount Vernon

Pavement plan

Isn't it indicative of the contempt Glasgow councillors have for motorists when, after imposing higher parking charges, they use the additional revenue, not to repair damaged roads, but to increase the width of pavements.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds are being spent on this brainless idea, but the council plead poverty when it comes to repairing potholes.

In many parts of the city we now have four-lane roads reduced to two lanes and, on main bus routes, whenever a bus stops to load or off-load passengers, drivers are faced with horrendous tailbacks at all hours of the day.

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