attending an event in the new Hydro at the weekend, I had to use the walkway over the Clydeside expressway.

With so many tourists and delegates visiting the Hydro/SECC and Armadillo, especially in this special year, what an utter mess the Perspex panels are in on the bridge.

Surely the council and other interested parties can come up with a plan to clean said panels as soon as possible.

Glasgow will offer a window on the world for 2014, I am afraid that the first 'view' for many visitors will be 'clouded'.

Lawrence Gilgallon Paisley

Share the space

The answer to the traffic problem at Anniesland Cross traffic lights is to redesign the cross along the principles of shared space.

A great example is Poynton, in England. There, traffic lights, kerbs and signs have been removed and the cross has once again become the heart of the village.

Glasgow is hidebound to conventional road design.

Norman Armstrong Free Wheel North

Setting it right

I refer to the letter (February 4) which outlined the frustration experienced by one of our customers who was unable to board a bus in Rutherglen.

We've now spoken to this customer and our investigation into what happened that day is underway.

In the letter, the writer stated that we had written to her saying that 'prams should not be allowed on, they use too much room'.

We can confirm that no such response was sent.

Fiona Kerr Managing Director First Glasgow

Got the hump

I don't believe it. The day after I sent an email to you about the money Glasgow City Council is spending on widening pavements and narrowing roads but ignoring pothole repairs on financial grounds, they take out two adverts in the Evening Times telling us they can find the money to install more than 100 speed bumps.

Alex C Via e-mail