with roads being dug up and now delays on the Squinty Bridge, can I ask when the misery of the Fastlink project will end?

Last weekend when I drove over the bridge the surface was awful and it looked like concrete blocks were being placed in the middle of the bridge. I believe we are now about to face weeks of disruption on the bridge.

It's even worse during the working week, when traffic is tailed back at either side of the bridge. And it doesn't help that the traffic flow is made even worse by the fact that some Paisley Road West traffic is still being directed along Govan Road. It is total madness.

Name and address supplied

Same old scene

It is a real shame that Dino's in Sauchiehall Street is to close. We are losing all the familiar, family-run places from our cities and instead they are being replaced with chain after chain.

A city loses its individual feel if these unique places go.

Go to almost any city in the UK now and you see the same food chains.

C Gentles Govan

Bon voyage...

I see that the old city clipper the Carrick has made her final journey and arrived safe in Adelaide.

While I was sorry to see her go, as she is part of our history, well done to Australia for getting their act together and making a new home for the vessel. It just takes someone with a bit of vision to do something and make it happen.

Hopefully, she will be enjoyed by future generations of Australians keen to learn more about their past.

We should have lobbied more in Scotland for a visitor centre and tourist attraction to be created around her, but it is too late now.

C Rogers Ayrshire

Parking prats

I HOPE the new parking restrictions around the SECC will be enforced.

For goodness' sake, put yourselves in the residents' shoes. If you can't, then be prepared to pay the £150 clamp or vehicle recovery fee.

It's a simple and effective solution.

Harry Wilson Posted online