The demand for free parking at the SECC from 'name and address supplied' (February 7) displays peevish selfishness.

The SECC has a railway station on-site with frequent trains from south, east and west. There are buses which cross the Clyde Arc and along Argyle Street. The forthcoming Fastlink will call at SECC. Kelvinhall and Govan Cross Subway stations are not that far away.

Unless people have a disability, they should not travel by car to SECC. They could take a taxi.

When the Garden Festival was on the opposite bank, patrons were encouraged to travel by public transport and Bell's Bridge was provided as part of this.

Alasdair Macdonald


Poor signs

Bill Love's letter on Wednesday reminds me that for more than two years I have been trying to tell the council about two dangerous signs in Shettleston Road.

Firstly, I reported on the council's website, where anyone can report fault in roads, signs or traffic lights.

After I reported it online, I got an e-mail indicating it was fixed.

It is still not fixed. I sent an e-mail to land and environmental services at Glasgow City Council. To date I have not seen a reply.

The signs indicate to drivers "right turn" directions, which if they did so would result in a heavy fine because there is a "No right turn" next to these two signs.

What is the point of us being encouraged to notify the council if it ignores us?

Douglas Blaney


Pothole misery

I THINK there is still a lot to be done in the war on potholes (February 10).

I cycle to and from work, and it's horrendous the amount of holes I have had to dodge. I have been lucky enough not to be killed when I swerve away from a pothole.

Saracen Street, Argyle Street, St George's Cross underpass, to name a few. All riddles with craters.

Lets see if these get filled up with permanent filler, not the cheap stuff.

David McNee