The Duke of Wellington fiasco is becoming a joke.

It is time the city council moved this statue to somewhere where it will not be made a joke of, and it will save the £10,000 spent every year to remove the cone from the head of the statue.

Failing that, the council should proceed with their idea of raising the statue, to stop people making fun of a historical figure.

Perhaps CCTV cameras should be installed to catch the perpetrators in action. They can then be fined to recoup the £10,000.

Not all Glaswegians like this vandalism, so stop it now.

Angry Glasgow resident


David Cameron (a millionaire) tells us the "Scottish referendum is a matter for the Scottish people" yet is openly asking for support for the union from all and any in the other countries of the UK.

Brian Robertson Garthamlock

Quality care

I was in Gartnavel Hospital for a hernia operation last Thursday. I can't praise the staff enough. From the minute I walked in at 7am until I was discharged at 3.30pm, the care was excellent.

JH Via e-mail

Green deserts

I take my hat off to George Parsonage of the Glasgow Humane Society (Evening Times February 7), who has had the courage to speak out against the proposed new rules for parks which proposes allowing swimming in city rivers and canals.

Having done a lot of river watching and some rowing, I am only too aware of the currents which prevail in the Clyde and other waterways. I think the voice of experience from Mr Parsonage should be listened too before these proposals are considered.

The originators of proposals should think again and perhaps concentrate not on rules but on making parks live again rather than continue as green deserts.

Bill Love Mosspark