Caroline Wilson's article about Cystic Fibrosis sufferer Anders Gibson (January 30) gave a real insight into the difficult life of those waiting for organs to become available for transplantation surgery.

I would urge as many people as possible to sign your online petition and lend their support to the Opt Out system for organ donation.

I wish Mr Gibson well and hope that he gets the lung transplant he so badly needs, in the very near future.

Peter Wilson Glasgow

The cone show

I fully agree with 'Angry Glasgow Resident' (Letters, February 12) concerning the Duke of Wellington statue 'traffic cone' fiasco. Raise the statue's plinth forthwith, thereby saving Glasgow's hard-pressed council tax payers £10,000 a year.

Similar vandalism to the Donald Dewar statue was quickly eliminated by raising its plinth, whereas the council is not prepared to do the same for the Duke's statue.

One therefore wonders what visitors to Glasgow must think of a city which is prepared to tolerate an erstwhile national hero being continually ridiculed in this manner.

Robert D. Campbell Paisley

Flood of cash

In these times of severe austerity being forced on the people of Britain, with brutal welfare cuts due to the country being "almost bankrupt", it was heartening to hear David Cameron saying that money was no object when it came to paying for flood damage in England. What was even better was Eric Pickles saying on national news we could do this because "we are a very wealthy country."

Have our politicians been telling lies all along?

Name and Address supplied.

Clyde pride

re 'Clyde was centre stage in WW1 arms race' (February 11). It was a wonderful article about an era that shaped the world.

Brian Apple Posted online