FURTHER to your story about the Sauchiehall Street reality TV show (February 12), many years ago I used to regularly walk from Buchanan Street bus station all the way to the old High School of Glasgow to attend evening classes.

I had to walk past all Sauchiehall Street's cinemas, dance halls etc for which the street was globally famous.

Looking back, it was the greatest experience of my life.

Jim Young Posted online

Winners all

Ann Moulds is a worthy winner of the Evening Times Scotsman of the Year title, although reading about the entrants they all seem like winners.

It is a credit to your paper that you lead the way with an event which shows what a difference ordinary people - and woman in particular - can make.

C Perkins Glasgow


Charity bids to beat the bigots (February 14)

Perhaps, if children of all religions were educated together, then maybe things would not be so grim.

The similarities of people, rather than the differences, should be built upon. Sadly there are many reliant on a wage which stems from painting a bleak picture.

James Street Watford


I WONDER if David Cameron would have been so quick to promise cash aid if it was rivers in the north, and not in the wealthy Tory shires, that had inundated people's houses and businesses.

Ralph Caird Via e-mail