My heart goes out to the flood victims in the south of England.

While we might not have seen the worst of winter north of the border yet, you wouldn't wish these conditions on anyone.

I hope the families get all the help they need to rebuild their homes and lives.

Name and address supplied

Mall murals

I see from your article (February 14), that there is another hidden artistic gem in the city which needs restored.

Glasgow is a city rich with art history and we must do all we can do preserve it. The 1970s murals in the Savoy Centre are already seen as a valued piece of art and in decades to come they could be even more revered.

I hope the community and supporters get all the backing they need to ensure that these murals are part of the centre for many years to come.

C Rogers Ayrshire

A vital service

Glad to see (February 14) that the Disability Community has been thrown a financial lifeline by the council.

The advance on the funding they've received from Glasgow City Council should be applauded.

Considering they support around 600 people with physical and learning disabilities across the city, it would have been a great loss if the Possilpark-based group had to close.

I can't imagine how families would have coped if they had lost this vital service.

C Gentles Govan

Split the assets

FOR all Chancellor George Osborne's bluster and threats over sterling, he forgets one thing: in any divorce there must always be a fair division of the shared assets.

The pound sterling is as much Scotland's as it is England's.

Just as in a marriage, if it breaks down, one partner can't make off with all the joint assets. If Mr Osborne thinks he can, then he obviously knows no more about law than he does economics.

Keith Ferguson Via e-mail