Friday's article, on tackling sectarianism, gave food for thought.

It's my belief that as long as we have separate schooling we will always have sectarianism.

When children from the same neighbourhoods and, indeed, the same street can pass each other without acknowledgement simply because they go to different schools is surely a matter of some concern in a modern society.

Politically, this issue is a hot potato and it would take a very courageous government to tackle this subject but until it is, all well intentioned initiatives are doomed to failure.

H Dickson Via email

A bright idea

YOU report (Friday), that £3m is to be spent to "brighten streets" in time for the Games visitors.

For quite some time, the council have been asked to repair the broken, dangerous paving slabs in city streets. If Glasgow City Council have money to "brighten streets in time for the Games visitors", then this money should have been used to "brighten streets" for the Glasgow people.

Angry Glaswegian Via e-mail


Having read former fire chief Brian Sweeney's comments on the Winter Olympics, I can only assume he has achieved what he set out to do - create controversy.

To describe any athlete's life's work or greatest achievement as merely 'a hobby' is both demeaning and ridiculous.

Finally, to hope that an athlete crashes or falls borders on ghoulish. I am sure as a Fire officer he saw enough broken bodies without wishing it on someone.

Ian Halliday Glasgow

Very shallow

What a miserable letter (Saturday), implying that the flood money being allocated by David Cameron and the Coalition Government is because some of the affected areas vote Tory.

I doubt the writer has any knowledge of the areas affected.

John Hain Via email