I am British, born in Scotland, and paid full National Insurance stamps all my life until retirement and receive a full State Pension.

If I moved to another country, my pension would still be paid. For some "No" vote politicians to cast doubt on the future of pensions if Scotland became an independent country seems like scare-mongering to me.

OAPs are retired, not retarded.

Bob Shearer Uddingston

Great divide

Reading your article 'Mind your language', about the latest bid to beat sectarianism in the west of Scotland, there is one thing I would like to point out.

Some time ago, two new schools were built on a shared campus in Cumbernauld, one non-denominational and one Roman Catholic, with one entrance.

Bishop Devine, of Motherwell, then forced the council to create two separate entrances.

What chance have you got to eradicate bigotry in this country with type of attitude?

James Young Kirkintilloch

My tram plan

THE £2million raised through bus lane fines should be spent on delivering a first class tram system for Glasgow.

Just Look at Manchester, they are expanding their tram system.

So, Come on Keith Brown, give the green light to Glasgow trams.

Alan Hall Glasgow

Street of shame

Watching the first episode of The Street, BBC Scotland's reality show about Sauchiehall Street, made me ashamed of Glasgow.

As for the cowardly, racist attack on the busker, I'm sure most Glaswegians would sooner see his cheery face on Sauchiehall Street that those of the balding, knuckle-dragger who attacked him.

I don't blame the BBC for showing what this once-famous street has become, I blame the police and the city council for allowing our city centre to become a rowdy, drink-fuelled human zoo.

Thanks goodness the show is not being screen in England.

Name and address supplied