Having finally come back down to earth after the shock of being a recipient of an award at Scotswoman of the Year, I would like to convey my thanks to your wonderful events team.

Their kindness and consideration added so much to the experience.

I would also like to express my pleasure at meeting all the other finalists, all of whom were truly remarkable.

Madalena Brown Via e-mail

Pot and kettle

IT'S a bit rich (rich being the operative word) for Gordon Brown to warn pro-independence voters about a possible threat to pensions. This, let us remember, was the Chancellor who wrecked the British pension system and sold off the country's gold reserves at a rock-bottom price.

G Gallagher Via e-mail

Cancer ads plea

I get upset when I switch on the TV after a hard day only to be hit with a barrage of cancer ads at nearly every break.

Don't get me wrong, I believe we should all donate to the cause - I've lost loved ones to this horrible disease - but I think TV stations should cut back a bit on the ads. They upset a lot of people.

Name and address supplied

Car-centric city

The council is quite right to remind your readers (February 19) that most people in Glasgow don't have a car.

Bus lanes and bus lane cameras are perfectly rational devices that serve the interests of the majority. If anything, we need far more of them.

Neil Greig, of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (essentially a commercially run club for car owners), has a cheek complaining that the money from fines isn't being spent on "better roads infrastructure".

What about the new East End Regeneration Route, a horrid dual carriageway, hostile to pedestrians, that smashes through communities with some of the lowest rates of car ownership in all of the UK?

Calum Cook Glasgow