WITH regards to recent comments on the BBC Scotland documentary, The Street.

I don't think it's hype stating that Glasgow is a friendly place.

You only have to go to some other parts of the UK and you will see that Glasgow in the main is a friendly place.

I've walked in the town centre with my daughters and we've not been treated to any abuse or violence and although they are not Glaswegians, they love being in Glasgow.

Glasgow is no more a violent place than any other large city in Britain.

Christine Wood

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Pound is vital

So the Yes Campaign has a fantasy list for everything but seems to have no plan for currency.

It appears that its projections and visions are 0% accurate and wholly irresponsible.

The pound is key to the economy and our future-jobs, wages, pensions, tax, savings, mortgages, welfare etc.

The Yes-headers with their consistent and misleading guidance act like Riverboat gamblers, with all of our livelihoods at stake. We've too much to lose.

Stewart Gordon


Airport swoop

City launches bid to buy Glasgow Airport - great idea.

Perhaps we could use ownership to persuade Holyrood to invest in the West for once with a much-needed rail link to Glasgow city centre abandoned in favour of Edinburgh's tram project.

It is not the up-front price that is the problem but throwing away the chance of future economic development in favour of Spanish greed is. They can't even run their own economy. Don't let them ruin ours as they have done with the shambles that is Heathrow.

Tom Kent