It seems every few weeks new potholes reappear when they have already been patched up and repaired.

It is like weaving in and out of a driving obstacle course at times.

Given we have not had the worst of winters, unlike our neighbours south of the border, I hate to think what the pothole situation would have been like had the weather hit us much harder.

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Academics: sectarianism in Scotland goes beyond football and is 'not limited to the West'.

Sectarianism is a cancer in Scottish society and I hope they do something tangible about it.

You even get bigots trying to blame schools and yet there are schools all throughout England and Wales and there is no trouble with them.

Michael Kelly


Caught short

SO , a crime blitz has helped flush away violent crime in city centre (Feb 22).

The scarcity of public toilets in Glasgow is a disgrace. The days of there being one on the corner of many streets are long gone, but it's clear that if there are so many people doing this outside, then there must be a need for more facilities.

Gordon Keenan

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School dinners

Memories of school dinners came back to me with your recent picture.

There really was nothing like it when we were waiting for the dinner bell to ring and it was all charge to the dinner hall. Watching the mince being slopped out and waiting in line to see what the mashed potatoes were going to be like.

There seemed to be a smell unlike no other at school dinners. Kids today, with their little compartmentalised trays, don't know what they are missing.

C Gentles


Pet cruelty

A Woman receives a 20-year ban for starving a dog - sometimes these acts of cruelty defy words.

Tremendous that the dog has recovered, is well fed and has found a good home. What about the others that are out there and don't get discovered.

Angus McKay