GLASGOW City Council is backing a consortium's bid to buy Glasgow Airport.

It's just as well it doesn't want to run the airport itself when it can't maintain its own roads, can't make a profit from its own car parks and lets private landlords allow important city buildings to fall into disrepair.

We would have planes diverted due to pot-holed runways, ticketed for parking at the wrong stance and the main terminal turned into a moss-stained eyesore.

L Brown Glasgow

No-one listens

REGARDING Lucy Browne's letters on February 21 - Time to fix Govanhill - the area is over-populated

It should have 8000 residents but has 16,000. I too have witnessed the comedown of Govanhill over a 10-year period and I agree, the true collapse of the area can only be witnessed via visiting the locals' online forum and reading their comments of despair.

They have met with various groups but achieved nothing - no-one is listening.

Angus McKay, via online

Joke factor

THE article, Council to fix factoring to save city's housing stock, made me laugh.

This lot can't even get the litter off the streets, or motorway embankments cleared.

The city is a disgrace. Our roads are worse than in a developing country and we don't appear to have a transport policy other than bus lanes and bus gates.

These tactics only slow traffic, leaving vehicles to spew pollution.

Our parks are over- grown and to see the council leader go on about jobs and a living wage made me sick.

Fill the current posts in cleansing and parks Mr Matheson.

We citizens are fed up with the empty promises pumped out year after year by the Glasgow Labour propaganda machine.

Name and address supplied

Flood fears

IN these days of incessant rain, I wondered what contingency plans there are from the council for protecting people and property in Glasgow from potential flooding.

Knowing that dredging stopped years ago on the Clyde and there is a chance that a silted river will burst its banks - where do Glaswegians get sandbags?

What arrangements are in hand to clear the numerous blocked drains from the aftermath of falling leaves?

In the worst case scenario, what arrangements are in hand to rescue people?

Maybe the only answer is a giant bubble over Glasgow to keep out the rain - starting with the enclosure of city centre shopping areas.

Bill Love Mosspark

Quick to open

I SEE kids in Renfrew at lunch time eating fast food. They are walking along the road, eating and standing, and not giving their stomachs the chance to digest it properly.

Councils have allowed too many fast-food outlets to open.

Billy Napier Posted online