YOUR article on Monday regarding the disgusting things found in food from restaurants and takeaways in Glasgow should be enough to put anyone on a diet.

I would like to know why these premises are not named and shamed.

The public and the hygienic businesses have a right to know who they are so we can avoid them, or they will continue to treat us with contempt.

John McLuskie, Linwood

Back to future

I WAS interested to read about the new look for Queen Street Station in the Evening Times - the return of the arch and the end of the soul-less hotel extension and Consort House is more than welcome.

The extended platforms however are returning to more or less their original lengths, after being shortened in the 1960s when it was decided to make a more spacious concourse.

Paul Strathdee Garrowhill

Grove is good

I READ Rachel Loxton's article of the Victoria Park Fossil Grove - what a tragedy it would be for this important attraction to be taken away. I was born in Scotstoun and used to visit it a lot. I found it to be interesting as an educational item.

David Gunn Sent by email

Art is a luxury

I WOULD have loved to have seen the Jack Vettriano exhibition and other recent ones such as the Glasgow Boys, but why do we have to pay?

My pension doesn't allow for such luxuries.

Skint pensioner

Dissy tale

A ROOM for one at 'Dissy Corner' (February 25) made me laugh and sent a shiver up my spine!

I remember tales from pals who had been left standing at the junction of Union and Argyle streets - not me, well maybe once. We took it so seriously but now wonder what the fuss was about.

There must be a few men who missed meeting the love of their lives after failing to turn up at Boots corner - their loss.

C Perkins Kinning Park