WITH the Commonwealth Games coming to Glasgow you'd expect records to be broken.

However, the unenviable record that stands is the amount of litter on the railway sidings.

It is at record levels and some of it has been there for years.

Surely city bosses and politicians, of all parties, should now put pressure on Network Rail to clean up its act and save embarrassing the city and Scotland for this sports showpiece.

James Cormack Dumbarton

Tale of note

IN HIS column this week, Anas Sarwar, MP, Scottish Labour's Deputy Leader, seems pretty confident that an independent Scotland would not be allowed to use the pound- by diktat of the current Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer, cravenly supported by his Labour and LibDem colleagues in the Better Together campaign.

In his next column would he care to explain precisely why, for almost 60 years following its creation in 1922, the Irish Free State was allowed to continue to use the pound in an informal currency union with the UK and despite a series of subsequent terrorist outrages carried out in its name by the IRA.

It was only in 1979 that the Irish government itself decided to substitute the punt for the pound.

This arrangement later gave way to the euro.

Ian Bayne Glasgow


STUDENT housing has been mushrooming in the West End of Glasgow.

Now there is to be a new £60million site at Beith Street.

Why not use these sites for economical housing for citizens who pay their council taxes and can't find suitable housing?

S Thomson via email

Name them

OH DEAR! Just read of the city's filthy food shame.

What will I do with the restaurant "deal" vouchers I've bought?

The culprits should be named and shamed. Long may inspectors carry out checks and give the results to the Evening Times.

FMK East Kilbride