I was so shocked and saddened by Wednesday's article involving the cancer patient who lived in squalor for the past six months.

How can this possibly happen in this day and age?

This poor man has been left to flounder because he owned his home. It's disgusting and the powers that be should be ashamed.

Let's hope he now gets the help he so deserves.

Anne Wilson


Square car ban

Regarding Wednesday's story on George Square's 24-hour car ban plan being scrapped.

As long as this improves conditions for buses, bikes, and pedestrians, I really don't care how much delay it causes to cars.

Fossil fuel addicts need to realise that the problem in Glasgow is that there are too many cars, and most of them are driven into the city by people who choose to live way out in the suburbs and think they're too good for buses or trains.

Calum Cook


Cameron visit

That nice Mr Cameron found his way to Scotland. Apparently we are too stupid to run the oil industry, so kind Mr Cameron is still going to collect all the revenues to save us trouble.

Whatever happened to all the talent this nation once had?

Of course, London has always needed income like the oil revenues to keep up the illusion the UK is still a "Super Power".

Felix McCabe


Budget share

I had to laugh at Gordon Matheson's recent comments about Glasgow's dwindling share of the Scottish Government budget.

He says investment is going elsewhere, then he talks about the Games legacy. A fair amount invested methinks.

J Davidson

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Vendor sadness

I WAS sad to hear of the death of Gordon Monteith, the Evening Times vendor at Central Station.

Gordon was a cheerful man who always had time for a chat for everyone. I'll miss his smile and friendliness - a true gentleman.

Cath McCulloch

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