I WAS pleased to read that moves are being made to give the Savoy Centre a new lease of life (Monday).

This Glasgow instituition needs to be given a makeover before it's too late.

The Savoy Centre looks unloved at the moment.

A new look could be all that it needs to bring it back up to standard. The idea to encourage fresh start-up businesses could also be a move in the right direction.

Rebecca Collins


Rail damage

Is the damage to the slab track in Queen Street Railway Tunnel due to water draining off other people's land? About five years ago, I came into Queen Street from Aberdeen by train about 6.15pm, in a moderately heavy rain storm.

Adjacent to the site of the old Pinkston Power Station, water ran down a road, and cascaded over on to the railway .

The water level in the tunnel rose rapidly, and all trains after ours were stopped. Maintenance of the road was not the responsibility of the railway.

Ted Cochrane Via e-mail

Bus plea

There are too many buses on city roads. Why does it need several buses to travel up and down these same roads causing a build-up of traffic and pollution? Replan so fewer buses are fighting for space.

Richard McColl East Kilbride