WITH regards to last Wednesday's story on the George Square car ban being scrapped.

Glasgow should market itself as a great city to visit, if you like driving round in circles and getting nowhere fast.

The number of unnecessary traffic lights is truly amazing.

Forcing drivers heading east on to one route through the city centre will cause absolute carnage in the case of roadworks, burst water mains etc. Lower emissions overall? No chance.

Ronnie Simpson

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Debate shock

I was stunned to hear Johann Lamont in a TV debate with Nicola Sturgeon, refuse to condemn the spending by the UK, of billions on updating nuclear weapons.

This at a time when so many struggle to make ends meet and food banks cant keep up with demands!

Perhaps Johann is spending as much time with her liberal and Tory friends in the No campaign, that she has lost contact with the problems of ordinary Scots.

G Mortimer

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Cameron visit

Last week we saw the Prime Minister David Cameron and some of his Cabinet colleagues parade around with waders during the worst of the floods in the South of England.

Never missing out on a photo opportunity. Then we had him and his minister in hard hats strutting the streets of Aberdeen predicting doom and disease for Scotland and the North Sea oil resources should we vote for independence.

Perhaps he should have packed a pair of binoculars in his luggage and he might them have the courage to gaze eastwards across the North Sea towards Norway, which has used its wealth from its oilfields for the good of the whole country now, and long into the future.

Alex Salmond was spot on, when he said all Scotland got out of the oil funds from the North Sea was Thatcherism, the poll tax and now the bedroom tax. It's a pity he did not also mention the food banks which seem to be daily sprouting across the country.

I MacLachlan

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