REGARDING Call for swift action over airport link, (Evening Times, March 1)

REGARDING Call for swift action over airport link, (Evening Times, March 1)

Most folk want it and most business leaders certainly want it.

We also would rather it was a train link, but if it has to be tram/train then so be it.

For just a short spur to the largest suburban rail network outside London, it would be crazy not to.

And we don't have to dig up streets to get it into the city, so it would be different to the mess Edinburgh has made.

Glasgow is more suited to tram/train. The city union line would be ideal for it and it can share with heavy rail.

Eric Reynolds Posted online

Worth the pain

Regarding the five million journeys that will be hit by Queen Street closure.

Network Rail should be commended for tis repairs and Queen Street Station and in realising it needs a complete overhaul.

Passengers may suffer unavoidable short-term disruption for the repair and during the revamp but will be the ultimate winners.

Johnny Mack Posted online

Fan owners

DEREK RAE is right to caution against the reliance on apparently wealthy white knights to bail out ailing football clubs (Evening Times, February 27.)

The fan-ownership model has much to commend it.

The Scottish Parliament will soon look at a piece of legislation called the Community Empowerment Bill, and I have suggested ways to amend it to give fans the first chance to own their club when it comes up for sale.

There are many clubs moving towards fan ownership such as Annan Athletic, Ayr United and Motherwell.

We have a real chance to put the sport on a firmer footing.

Let's face it - without the fans there is no football.

Alison Johnstone MSP Scottish Green Party

Hike in bills

IT can be no surprise energy bills are going up, even as people turn the heating down, after recent hikes in charges.

Joan McDonald, via email