REGARDING the bus lane fine for a man rushing to his dying mother-in-law's bedside - the sole legal reason for bus lane restrictions is to keep the roads clear for buses.

If the buses are not running it should be criminal offence to extort money from motorists like this.

It shows the real purpose of the bus lane cameras, and possibly makes them illegal.

Bill McKelvie Posted online

Debate assets

ON the debates for independence, Norway's stable economy is brought up many times, with a reply from the "booze brigade" about the price of a pint - a stable economy means nothing to them.

Then there is the oil, I remember Tony Benn telling us Maggie Thatcher was worried Scotland would go independent taking the oil with them.

Another story says she was looking at shifting the boundary to cut us out altogether.

I have noticed for many years the steady flow of rich minerals to the factories down south.

These assets are never mentioned in any debate - that should be looked into.

Old Timer Glasgow

Safety reply

WITH reference to safety fears for pupils (Evening Times, March 5), I am taking heart from the fact that MSP Derek McKay has responded to someone. Over the years I have tried to contact Mr McKay several times and he has never got back to me.

Anna Allan Erskine

Attack shock

I WAS shocked to read the story about teacher attacks.

When I was young, the teacher was someone you had respect for.

We would never have dreamt of being out of line in the old days - we would have been too scared of the belt.

Teachers can't have an easy time of it these days and my heart goes out to them that they have to suffer abuse as well.

C Gentles Govan