YET another flooding problem in Queens Drive leading to the Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow.

The flooding is coming from Queens Park itself and pours out over the pavement and on to the road, then road traffic goes through the flood water, soaking people on the pavement.

The council must to do something to fix this problem. It has been going on for far too long.

Alan Hall Glasgow

Park to blame

FOR years now we have had to put up with a steady flow of water coming down from Springburn Park, even in the middle of a decent summer.

This causes complete flooding of Wallacewell Road and makes homes at times inaccessible.

Andrew Marshall Glasgow

Banking on Rail

NETWORK RAIL is to be applauded for its idea to organise a food bank in Glasgow's Central Station next week.

With the huge footfall in the station, there is huge potential for the event to be a success.

I hope people will get behind it.

Isabel MacDonald Tollcross

Cops take note

THE police say they are aware of the situation in Victoria Park, which has become a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

How many have been arrested for offences or does it take a councillor's nephew to be injured before the pro-active intelligence-led response is activated?

Johnny Mack Posted online

Nor-way off

IN reply to the letter of March 3, Cameron visit, the correspondent clearly thinks Norway is drowning in wealth and luxury from the proceeds of North Sea oil.

Having just returned from there, I didn't find it a land of milk and honey.

The cost of living is high, as are taxes. There is a lot of alcohol abuse and antagonism to the high rate of immigrants.

Alex Salmond's view of it is a myth.

S Jamieson Rutherglen