When the Evening Times first published the article about the Glasgow taxi driver who ordered passengers out of his cab because they spoke in Irish Gaelic, I felt the driver had overstepped the mark.

It was none of his business what language his passengers spoke in.

So I am greatly surprised that the city licensing board took such a lenient view on this and suspended his licence for only a month.

Would the board have been so lenient if he had done that to African or Asian passengers in the city to watch the Commonwealth Games?

Steven Rowan, Middlesex

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Left cross

ONE evening I narrowly escaped being run over at Charing Cross by a black cab in the Ahead Only lane, which turned right into North Street. As the green man was in operation I should have felt safe to cross.

Now I feel wary every time I use that crossing.

Sheena Penson, Glasgow

Tax appeal

I have just read your article (Friday) about tenants in North Ayrshire being refunded £99,000 over wrongly imposed 'bedroom tax' rulings.

Tenants who escaped the spare room subsidy legislation because of the 1996 loophole have now been reassessed and are once more liable!

But all is not lost. Recent appeals are being won on the grounds of room usage. A bedroom has to contain a bed and be used for sleeping in.

If affected tenants have a "spare" room that does not have a bed in it, and is instead used as a storeroom, study, gym, or utility room, etc, then lodge an appeal now.

Request an appeal and not just a review. Better still, use the Housing Benefit Dispute Form from Govan Law Centre.

Andrew Forsyth Glasgow