GLASGOW'S Subway is okay the way it is.

Plenty was spent on it in the 1970s. Why do we need new trains which have to be custom built?

They could have refurbished the running gear while still keeping the present coaches.

They managed to keep 80-year-old trains running for years cannibalising old tram bogies. They are also obsessed with driverless trains. Well they won't get me on one.

Why can't SPT have a 'directorless' boardroom? Wouldn't that be nice? And save money as well?

William Brown, posted online

Free travel

"THOSE who rely on food banks often walk for miles because they cannot afford to pay for transport" said one of your recent reports.

Couldn't Network Rail bosses chip in with a few free train travel tickets to save those who rely on food banks walking for miles because they can't afford to pay for transport?

Angus McKay, posted online

Driver got off

THE Glasgow taxi driver who told passengers speaking the Irish languge in his cab to get out was lucky to get off with the punishment of a month's suspension and having to take a customer courtesy course.

The licensing board are encouraging bigotry and racism with this lenient view.

This type of behaviour should be treated seriously and hammered to stamp it out.

Bigotry needs no encouragement in Glasgow.

Is this the example of what we will be presenting to the world when the Commonwealth Games comes to Glasgow?

Do we really want the bigoted views of one man to spoil a friendly welcome to what should be a great advert for Glasgow.

Mark Allen, England

Gerry honour

IT'S great to see Paisley is honouring its son Gerry Rafferty with an exhibition at Paisley Museum.

As a huge fan of the singer-songwriter's, I can't wait to go along to see all the memorabilia.

A true legend sorely missed.

C Perkins, Kinning Park