Ann McKechin should complain to her MEP over the £3 charge for Subway cards which are not personalised (MP hits out at Subway over service, Friday).

Such a fare structure, which discriminates against visitors, is contrary to EU law.

The Maltese government was recently forced to abandon extra charges for non-residents under the threat of heavy penalties being imposed by the EU.

G McLaughlin

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Blocked drains

I was interested in the letters concerning street flooding.

This is something that has long been at the back of my mind, but up until now I have never taken this up.

I am of an age when such things were infrequent, being brought up in Springburn, it was a common sight to see sewage vans clearing the drains in streets, allowing run-off to disperse quickly.

The use of such vehicles seems to have disappeared despite the amount of new housing being built.

Another example of this is the experience in Parkhead, where there is regular flooding, especially in Springfield Road and London Road near shops, where heavy rainfall causes flooding around school crossings and pedestrian traffic lights. I would ask when your readers last saw a vehicle clearing drains?

B Gillion

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Warm welcome

Glasgow City Council, Visit Scotland, and the Chamber of Commerce should look at what they do in New York.

They have greeters who don't charge anything and take tourists around the city showing them the hidden treasures of the city.

Glasgow should do that for the Games, with the litter wardens and traffic wardens being an integral part of it.

Mr Clean

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Street tribute

How come councillors can name a square after Nelson Mandela, who has done nothing for this city, yet refuse to name a street after a Victoria cross winner (Council snub tribute plan for Glasgow war hero, Saturday).

They seem to have got their priorities wrong.


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