NOW that you have shamed the city council into not issuing bus lane fines when no buses are running (March 12), perhaps we could get a proper explanation about where exactly all the money raised through these fines has been spent.

The council says the cash has gone on transport improvements, but don't seem to be able to identify any of these said 'improvements'.

Come on Glasgow City Council, where did you spend the cash?

Nick Callaghan Via e-mail

Oil cash fund

It would be of great interest to readers if your correspondent S Jamieson (March 7), commenting on Norway's social problems, could inform readers exactly how many food banks he encountered in that country.

Perhaps he should re-read the original letter (March 3), and he will discover that the emphasis was on Norway's massive oil fund, for present and future use.

None are as blind as those who will not see.

I MacLachlan Cardonald

A Turkish treat

ON BEHALF of the Victorian Turkish Bath website I would like to congratulate Glasgow's Western Baths Club on being awarded A-listed status by Historic Scotland for their wonderful building.

Scotland is lucky to still have three Victorian Turkish baths. The other two being at Glasgow's Arlington Baths, and those at the Portobello baths in Edinburgh.

We in England have only one.

Malcolm Shifrin Via e-mail

Overseas aid

YOUR correspondent Mr Rennie (No poverty in politics, Letters, March 12), is right.

In Monday's paper we had Nicola Sturgeon and your own David Stirling talking about poverty and food banks in Scotland and, as usual, blaming the UK Government.

They should ask why, if there is much poverty, does our Government still send millions abroad in overseas aid?

Tom McCartney Cathcart