In response to Scots Tory leader Ruth Davidson's column (March 12), there are 352 operational police stations within communities across Scotland, not 153, which was the figure she quoted.

No operational police station has been closed since Police Scotland came into being on 1 April 2013.

There are also well-advanced plans to open more new police stations across Scotland in the coming months, as well as plans being to work more closely with local authorities and have a police presence in partners buildings that are heavily used by the public.

ACC Wayne Mawson Police Scotland

Phone failure

I read your story (March 12) about vandals knocking out BT lines in the East End.

I reported a fault to BT more than a fortnight ago, to be first told that it would be rectified by March 14. The electronic messaging system informed me of this. It also asked if I was unhappy with that I should press button 2, this connected me to a call centre who then informed me it would be fixed by the 11th.

To date I am still waiting for the problem to be fixed.

It is extremely frustrating and highlights the fact that large companies like BT don't particularly care about their customers like me as long as I continue to pay my bill on time.

Francis Kiernan Via email


When the council say they have "spent £30m to improve public transport", what they mean really is that a bus journey that previously took an hour now takes 50 minutes, while motorists sit belching out fumes in artificially created traffic jams.

Johnny Mack Posted online

Helping out

I passed the Central Station food bank yesterday morning on my way into work and made a point of returning in my lunch hour to donate some items.

Well done Glasgow for taking a lead and offering help to those less fortunate.

C Perkins Kinning Park