I would like to clarify the points raised by B.

Robertson of Partick (Letters, 10 March) and Les Trueman (Letters, 12 March) regarding access links to Glasgow Airport. The tram/train option would in fact be a continuous service, starting at the airport before joining the existing rail network into Glasgow Central.

We will now work with our partners at Glasgow City Council, Transport Scotland and Renfrewshire Council to identify how we can deliver this.

Brian McLean Head of Communications, Glasgow Airport

Rank and file

Once again we read of a 'blitz' on bogus taxi drivers who tout for business in Glasgow.

I am a private hire driver from out of town who can perfectly legally pick up passengers in the city and take them back to my licensing area, or vice versa. When these operations are in force some of the actions we face from the police and council are nothing short of bullying.

The city council needs to take responsibility when issuing taxi plates, to make sure drivers know the rules, and they need to stop issuing plates if there is not enough work for those already in place.

Robert Campbell Via e-mail

Voter exodus

One of the outcomes of a 'yes' vote in the referendum would be resident Scots would lose their UK/EU passports, whereas temporary resident EU citizens, registered to vote here, would keep their national/EU passports, able to return to their homeland, leaving us holding the baby.

A McMillan Glasgow