Great to see your Community Champions campaign is back for another year.

It is something which should be applauded.

Years ago we always looked out for our neighbours and going that extra mile was the norm.

We didn't think twice about helping people as there wasn't a lot of back up in the 'good' old days.

Today, it seems everyone is so busy with their daily lives, which is why we need events like this to remember how important our unsung community heroes are.

C Gentles Govan

Benn was best

I was saddened to read of the passing of Tony Benn.

No matter what your politics, you had to admire him.

He stood up for what he truly believed in, and you don't get many people like that now.

He was a colourful and intelligent character who brightened up many a Prime Minister's Questions.

I listened to the tributes coming in over the past few days and it did show how he managed to appeal to all sides of the great political divide.

Such a debater and orator, we are not likely to see again.

Name and address supplied

Stars in Govan

The plan to build a major film studio in Scotland is exciting (ET, Saturday).

I really hope they pick the site opposite the old Govan Town Hall as it would be a really great boost for the area.

How amazing it would be to have the biggest stars in the world working in Govan.

It was a thrill to see scenes of Glasgow in World War Z and other movies, so we should all embrace this plan.

C Peeples Glasgow

Laughter lines

DELIGHTED and shocked to see your Memories picture (Thursday) of the Apollo in 1976, when Billy Connolly played there. Delighted because I saw the show, and shocked because it's hard to believe it all happened 35 years ago.

J McNair Paisley