REGARDING Tom McCartney's letter, March 13, on overseas aid - in an independent Scotland, Humza Yousaf, SNP's international development minister, intends siphoning £1billion plus from the Scottish economy to give to Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Pakistan, Bangladesh and parts of India.

He wants people to know that little Scotland has a role to play in foreign policy.

Wonder if he wants people to know that Scotland has high unemployment, homelessness, high levels of poverty and food banks.

It appears Mr Yousaf is more interested in helping those overseas than Scots.

Angus McKay via email

Play was great

I WAS privileged to be at a packed house at Glasgow's Cottiers Theatre to see Sean O'Casey's classic play Juno and the Paycock.

The play was staged by company Sweet for Addicts, as part of Glasgow's St Patrick's Festival.

This is a not-for-profit company involving people whose lives have been touched by addiction and who have used the arts as therapy.

Sweet for Addicts more than held their own. Thanks for a memorable evening.

Jim Friel via email

Museum slump

REGARDING the slump in attendance at the Riverside Museum - I am not surprised (Evening Times March 5.

My grandchildren and I visited the old museum at Kelvingrove over many years. We have visited the new one once and won't be going back.

It is impossible to see things properly as they are perched up high.

N Crawford via email

Taxing times

THE tax office said they will track down people renting their houses out for the Commonwealth Games if they don't declare the cash they make.

Why can't they trace all they companies which don't pay tax? They'd collect more from them.

JH via email