Commonwealth Games usually have a nickname, the Friendly Games etc.

Let's have the Litter Games for 2014 in recognition of our city's parks, road junctions, shopping centres and streets that are strewn with all types of rubbish.

But no whingeing at our gormless councillors, because it's not their fault for once.

Our problem is caused by the thousands of Glaswegians who wouldn't know what a litter bin was if it landed on their collective nappers.

Civic pride - no chance, just slobby residents.

Andy Lanigan


Football law

WITH regards Gordon Matheson criticising football laws (Monday).

From what I've gathered from the introduction of this law, it is illegal to act in a certain way or sing various songs when a football match is taking place.

Outwith a football match there are no laws being broken, that cannot be right. I believe there exists adequate laws to deal with breach of the peace without this new law.

All that seems to be happening is that football fans are being criminalised by this law, which is totally unfair.

Michael Reilly

Posted online

Yes vote impact

Has anyone even mentioned that if an individual has a private pension from his previous employer, which is paid through an English firm and the Yes campaign doesn't get the use of the pound, that these pension amounts will be subject to a rate of exchange?

This would mean the amount of your pension you receive could be reduced by up to 15% if we are forced to use the Euro or worse.

Will the Scottish Government make up this deficit? I doubt it.

Alex Ross


Dino's closure

Sad to see the signs come down at Dino's in Sauchiehall Street.

It really is the end of an era and a sign of the times that we are getting another bank. Dino's was a great Glasgow institution and I am sure I am not alone in being sorry to see it go.

C Gentles