In Tuesday's Evening Times, I read yet another plea to help kids in poverty within Glasgow.

The city has had the same Labour leadership for years, the same faces but in different jobs, and yet we still have kids living in third world conditions.

I also read that youngsters are out picking up litter to keep their community clean. Why, when we have so many street cleaner/sweeper vacancies, haven't these posts been filled?

The city needs leadership with vision, imagination and to get the job done.

J McLaughlin Via email

Focus on issues

RE: Catholics are most pro-Yes religious group in Scotland (March 17)

We've have had people saying they would base their vote on independence on their dislike of Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, Johann Lamont etc. etc. Now we have the spectre of voting based on religious beliefs being thrown into the argument.

When is the serious discussion going to begin, with all parties making it clear that the upcoming referendum is about the future and what's best for Scotland and it's people, not about personalities, and most definitely not about religious persuasion.

John Devlin Posted online

Short notice

re: Asylum eviction (March 19). I had dealings with letting agents Orchard and Shipman about 18 years ago.

I'm surprised, though, that they appear to have only notified the family of a move less than seven days ago - I thought either party (tenant/landlord) must provide a minimum notice period of 28 days.

Steven Rowan Middlesex

Games heroes

Well done to our Paralympic curlers following their success in Sochi. Great to see them return to Scotland to a heroes' welcome. They are a credit to their sport and an inspiration to future athletes who want to make their own dreams come true.

Isabel MacDonald Posted online