It was with not much pleasure that I watched both the Budget and Scottish Questions in Westminster.

I enjoy politics, but this has gotten worse than I had ever expected. We had Scottish MPs not asking the Government about how the Budget will affect Scotland, or how they could help their constituents. Everything seemed geared to fake questions and an answers, that looked rehearsed, all to decry the Holyrood Government and attack the SNP.

Now, I may be naive and of simple mind but I thought MPs would be keen to show the people who voted them in that they were fighting their corner. No chance, just giggles and smirks that they got the chance to put down Holyrood and the SNP - a disgraceful bunch.

Charles P O'Brien Dalmuir

Clean sweep

Andy Lanigan (Letters, March 19) beat me to it. I also was going to write in regarding the litter in and around Glasgow.

Example: With Parkhead playing a role in the Commonwealth Games, the area surrounding it is an absolute disgrace, as are most parts of the city centre.

It is about time Glasgow and Scotland launched a major anti-litter campaign.

M Milne Clydebank

Jury question

I received a citation today for jury duty at Glasgow High Court. This is the fourth such letter I have received in the last 12 months, despite medical certificates from my doctor.

I am 70 years old and bewildered why I am being called so often. Is there method in the madness, in that they don't have to pay pensioners expenses?

I Reid Cambuslang

City vandalism

RE: Dino's closure. This is pure vandalism by a bank which already has a large branch directly across the street.

They cannot sustain two so close together. They have destroyed a Glasgow institution and will inevitably close their adjacent branch.

Bill McKelvie Posted online