I was shocked to read the statistics in the Evening Times (Friday) showing hundreds of nurses and midwives have been attacked while at their work.

Where would we be without these people in our hospitals? From the moment we are born to the latter stages of our lives, we rely on their care and expertise.

Theirs is a profession we should support and they deserve our respect. We should be giving them our full backing and be applauding our medical staff.

C Perkins

Kinning Park

Footie blunder

Anas Sarwar said last week that Scottish Labour would scrap the controversial sectarian laws relating to football. This is the party simply playing politics and pandering to the Old Firm sectarian hordes.

I have been watching football for 60 years and have had to put up with the Old Firm bile. The law works very well for the majority of non-Old Firm supporters.

There are always idiots who follow other teams who fall foul of the laws and their arrests or banning are fully backed by their own supporters.

John Morrison

Posted online

Dog's dinner

I have noticed adverts for Cockapoos and Labradoodles and such being described as pedigree designer dogs. Rubbish!

These dogs are cross breeds, otherwise known as mongrels. If people really want a designer dog then they should pay a visit to their local dog rescue centre, where there are hundreds. They will cost probably a tenth of what they would pay to these breeders.

Don't these people realise they are breaking Trading Standards rules by calling them pedigree dogs?

Marion Mulholland

Sent by email

Out of steam

Well done to the Evening Times for putting your questions to Paul Sinha, of TV show The Chase.

I love watching the show at teatime and trying to beat the Chasers but it never happens because they seem to win them all.

I had to laugh when I saw he stumbled on your question about 'What would a woman do in a steamie?' Not quite going out for a meal, as he replied!

C Rogers