WITH regards to Friday's story on the Barras being showcased for the Games.

I'm afraid the real Barras died years ago. There are no real bargains to be had, except dodgy cigarettes and DVDs - you take your chance on those.

Many of the stall- holders are as old as the Barras themselves, and just throw back the tarpaulin every week, never changing the tatt.

Blochairn Sunday market has taken over, with a far better buzz about the place. No-one smiles at the Barras any more, it's so depressing.

I only enjoy Bill's Tool Store, an institution worth saving.

The answer? Turn the area into Merchant City East, with a mix of flats and antique shops. Think the lanes in Brighton and leave the Barras to memories.

Iain Muir


Power fears

As coal-fired power plants are closed due to EU diktats and renewable energy is both unreliable and expensive, there are warnings that the gap between electricity demand and capacity is dangerously close.

For some time, energy experts have been warning politicians that the present insane "green" energy policies will inevitably lead to blackouts in a few years.

I am therefore pleased a new 12-sided £1 coin is to be introduced in 2017.

Is this a deliberate government policy so that its distinctive size and shape will make it easier to recognise in the dark?

Clark Cross


City welcome

I READ Saturday's story on volunteers being wanted to welcome star guests to Glasgow Airport.

That assumes these 'stars' will be coming through Glasgow Airport! What welcome will they expect if they use other Scottish airports?

Joe Curry

Posted online

Cat chute horror

As a cat lover I was horrified to see that someone had dumped a cat in a rubbish chute (last night).

What a terrible thing for someone to do.

It says a lot about society that there is so little respect for the animal kingdom.

C Gentles