I AM an animal lover and will not hurt or kill any animal but the article about the cat in Maryhill who was pushed down a refuse chute was horrific and it is quite understandable why the cat is traumatised (Monday).

Whoever the brain dead moron was who did this terrible crime, I hope, you get caught and as a punishment, you should be made to suffer the same type of trauma you inflicted on this cat.

If you can treat an animal like this then you should not be allowed near any humans.

Name and address supplied

Well done Neil

I AM not interested in football in the slightest, especially not with the baggage that comes with game in this city.

But I think Neil Lennon should be praised for speaking out about his battle with depression.

One of the biggest problems with depression is people's unwillingness to talk about it, and that is especially true of men.

Hopefully a big football name like him talking about depression will encourage other people to do the same.

A Kennedy


Booze link

THE link between alcohol and breast cancer is frightening (Wednesday).

Your story will make many women in the city look more closely at the amount of booze they drink and hopefully some of them will cut back.

K Parker


Bank closure

I WAS saddened to read the Govanhill branch of Clydesdale Bank (Wednesday) will be closed.

There isn't much in the way of services in the area and the loss of a bank is another blow to Govanhill. It would be nice to read some good news about the area.

Ian P