REGARDING the council plan to introduce a 20mph limit in Glasgow (March 27), if any drivers can currently go faster than 20mph in the city centre, they deserve a medal.

There is already too much traffic in town as it is, or should I say too many restrictions, traffic lights and slow buses causing congestion.

And perhaps the council can have a word with First Bus and ask why their drivers slow to a snail's pace as they approach green traffic lights.

S Griffin Glasgow

Advice for GPs

WHEN will somebody in authority tell our smug, incompetent and overpaid GPs that being a doctor is not and never has been a 9-5 job.

It seems to be beneath them to visit or console the very sick.

Compare them to the service offered by the out-of-hours doctors - who provide hands-on care, compassion and humanity.

Name and address withheld

A poor arrest rate

DESPITE the headline figure (150 held in city drugs clampdown, March 25), the reality is that, since it was launched, Police Scotland's latest "proactive, intelligence-led operation" has seen an average of just three arrests per day.

With such an arrest rate, I'm sure the thousands and thousands of people in Glasgow using illegal drugs on a daily basis will be trembling in their boots.

J Mack Glasgow

Allotment stars

AS a long-time plot holder, I'd thank the outgoing committee members of the Balornock Community Allotments for all their time and hard work. They all were truly unsung local heroes.

Name and address supplied

Vote for motorists

I DON'T agree with 24-hour bus lanes, especially when there aren't any buses running in them.

The council only get away with this sort of thing because people keep voting in Labour at elections. The easiest way to get more respect for motorists is to vote for anyone but Labour candidates.

R Simpson Glasgow