BANNING burger vans from outside schools can only be a good thing (Evening Tines, March 28).

Glasgow did this years ago and although I've yet to read any figures on what effect, if any, it's had on the health of youngsters, it's obvious that making it difficult for them to access junk food is a positive step.

North Lanarkshire Council has taken the right decision and hopefully other councils do the same.

K Smart Coatbridge

Tashi victory

I WAS delighted to read that young asylum seeker Tashi Tahir is being allowed to stay in her Knightwood home until after she sits her final school exams (Evening Times, March 28).

Whatever your thoughts on asylum and immigration, nobody should be threatened with moving house at such short notice.

Thankfully Serco have seen sense and Tashi can get through her exams, while looking after her mother, without the fear of being moved to the other side of Glasgow.

Good on the Evening Times for highlighting this case.

R McCready Glasgow

Best bar none

COOPERS bar in the West End winning the prize for Scotland's best pub is well deserved.

It does so many quirky and interesting things for customers.

We are spoiled for great places to have a drink and a meal out in Glasgow, but it's nice to see the really good places getting recognised for all their efforts.

George H Glasgow