STEWART Paterson's column on the independence referendum (March 28) was spot on.

The vote is about the future, not about the pathetic squabbling that is going on now.

Politics does not engage young people and never will while we have to listen to the politicians' childish back and forths.

A lot of talking gets done but not much actually gets said.

How are we supposed to know who is telling the truth?

I still have no idea whether I will vote 'yes' or 'no', and if the vote was tomorrow, I wouldn't bother voting at all.

Sadly, I fear that will be the case for many people.

Iain Jack Glasgow

All aboard...

I WAS delighted to read that the ship Vulcan is to be put on display at Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life.

It's a real part of Scotland's heritage and history.

Summerlee is a great place and the kids always enjoy our visits there.

The working trams are particularly brilliant, for young and old alike.

Anything that gives us an excuse to go back for another visit is most welcome.

Alex Craig Glasgow

Hospice lotto

I READ your article on the Brick by Brick appeal to build a new Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice and was glad to see the support you are getting from the celebrities.

The question I would like to ask is why isn't the National Lottery Fund helping this venture?

I thought the Lottery was set up to help good causes.

Surely there isn't a better cause than this?

William Allan East Kilbride

Polluting city

I fear that the 20mph plan for Glasgow is a backward step. We are trying to cut congestion and pollution, but surely cars going slower and for longer in the city will only exacerbate this. If anything, it will make travelling round the city even worse.

C Gentles Govan