It's great news that Scotland generated record amounts of renewable electricity in 2013 (Record for green energy, March 28).

But you are badly wrong to claim this means that 46.5% of Scotland's energy came from renewables.

Why? Because only 20% of our energy is electricity. More than 50% is heat (mainly gas) and the rest is transport fuels.

So that means only 9.3% of our total energy was renewable.

Let's put the flags out when we manage to decarbonise heat and transport.

Professor Paul L Younger FREng University of Glasgow

Killer caught

FURTHER to your Memories picture of the Kick-Off bar (Killer was caught in Glasgow pub, March 26), it was my late father, police officer Charles Hopkins who made the actual arrest.

He was on duty in the Gorbals when he was informed by Joe Fisher, a 16-year-old butcher's apprentice that he had spotted the killer, fellow butcher's boy John McGilvray, nearby.

Albert Hopkins Via e-mail

A clean sweep

IT WAS great to see so many volunteers turn out to help in a local litter pick in Craigton. Well done to the community - it's just a shame people don't think about what they are throwing away before creating a mess for others to clear up.

C Gentles Govan

Exhibition idea

EVEN though I was delighted to read (March 29) that the old Art Deco Botanic Gardens Garage is Glasgow is finally to get a new lease if life, as a shop and 24-hour gym, I still think this is a missed opportunity.

Glasgow Life should have done a deal with Arnold Clark to display some of the city's vintage car collection in the garage. As it is, at the new Riverside Museum, most of the cars are poorly displayed, stuck high above people's heads, where nobody can get a decent look at them. They were much better displayed at the old Tramway then the Kelvin Hall Transport Museums.

Car Fan Knightswood