I HAD the misfortune to visit two banks, starting with my own branch in Partick.

I was asking for a paltry sum of £100 overdraft which this bank had offered me on two previous occasions.

It was only to be used in dire emergencies to cover any shortfalls. After a discussion, the old chestnut was trotted out, the credit rating system says no.

The upshot was they would they prefer to charge me a fair bit if I were to go into arrears, I suggested, to which I got a "suppose so" and a shrug of the shoulders.

The second bank was even worse, offering me a basic account with limited access from ATMs.

The banks we bailed out with public money are a joke. Where are these changes? They do not exist for the poor like me. The next time these "banking experts" make a mess, let them sink in it.

J McLean Sent by email

Poll choice

MANY people would share Iain Jack's view on the independence debate, but there are choices (Letters, March 31).

I was in Buchanan Street in Glasgow on Saturday and there was a large group of enthusiastic young people campaigning.

There are public meetings in all areas with informative debates.

We don't have to rely on politicians. We can research online and listen to debates. There is information available.

T Miller Glasgow

Lane fuss

WHY all the fuss about bus lane cameras fining drivers round the clock?

Surely late at night when traffic is quiet there is no need to be in a bus lane?

Also with off-peak bus lanes, most drivers won't use them when they are clearly signed to do so.

J Monaghan Sent by email

Ban taxis

REGARDING taxis in bus lanes, I would ban them completely from Hope Street, which they are grinding to a halt.

And taxis are like cyclists - they are not above the rules of the road.

Many more people use buses than taxis.

Tom Kent Posted online