It Seems strange to me that a Scottish travel company is so against an independent Scotland (Travel boss in independence warning to staff, April 1).

A Yes vote would bring a reduction in Air Passenger Duty, which could bring additional flights to Scotland.

Barrhead Travel sell a large number of cruises and long haul holidays, which involve Scottish customers having to travel to England at extra costs, why would extra business frighten the firm's owners?

John Morrison Posted online

Name game

Would renaming Prestwick, Robert Burns International Airport really be an advantage?

I think a more geographic name would be more suitable, such as Scotland South-West International.

Whatever name the Government comes up with they are going to have an uphill struggle to turn the airport into a success. With increasing competition from Glasgow and Edinburgh, I think Prestwick's days are numbered.

Johnny Mack Posted online

Bus bonanza

While I agree with having bus lanes, it is sheer stupidity to fine people for using them when there are no buses on the road.

And I don't just mean on days like Christmas and New Year's Day. This should apply at all times when there are no buses on a particular stretch of road.

If a driver drives in a bus lane and causes any bus to have to slow down then they should be photographed and fined, but, so long as there are no buses behind them, drivers should be able to use the full width of the road.

Is common sense too much to expect from our elected officials?

Mike Moss Glasgow

Great for gigs

LOVED the Memories picture of the old Locarno (April 2).

My kids that still don't believe that, in its Tiffany's days, I saw U2, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Duran Duran, the Cure, the Specials and Madness there. It was a great venue.

Colin Rough Via e-mail