LOOKING at the images for Glasgow's Buchanan Galleries development, it seems it will be a shoppers' paradise.

Is it a case of speculate to accumulate, because at the moment I really don't see how we need more shops.

Every day we see shops which have been trading for decades going to the wall. People aren't meant to have spare cash to spend while others are turning to payday loans.

Too late now, but you would think that people may release the traditional shopping bubble has burst and most people now opt for online.

Name and address supplied

Slogan short

I NOTE the council has put its "people make Glasgow" campaign on bus stops and advertising boards.

Could Councillor Matheson not add "cleaner, safer and better" to this and give visitors a warm welcome for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games?

Mr Clean

Plane visit

REGARDING the ban on plane spotters's cars near Glasgow Airport (Traffic warning for plane visit, April 1), it has been forgotten that the car park at the top of Gleniffer Braes will end up being busy too.

People parking there will get a view of the double decker plane.

Should police also ban people parking in that car park, as the road to it will become busy?

Alan Hall, Glasgow

Pool cool

WELL done on the launch of the free swim for Glasgow (Have a splashing time with a free swim, April 2).

I hope people take up the offer. Getting the city more active has to be key for Glasgow's health and what better way to get people motivated than a swim.

If we can't get inspired to get active this year when the city will be welcoming world class athletes, when would we?

I remember years ago kids were desperate to go swimming. It felt a grown-up thing to do when you were allowed to go without your parents.

It certainly beats sitting in front computer games and the TV.

C Roger Sent by email