Once again an MP, this time Maria Miller, is caught with her nose in the trough and is allowed to keep her privileged position.

She then has to be forced to issue an insincere apology and pay the money back. These are people in charge of running our country. No wonder it's in the state it's in.

If I robbed a bank and when caught said sorry and gave them the money back would I get off Scot free? No chance.

Brian Markey Bishopbriggs

Flag folly

Good to see the boys parading in Glasgow (Evening Times, April 4). Made you proud, but why did the council wait until the last minute to change the flag flying from the City Chambers? They changed it from the city coat of arms to the Union Flag while the boys were arriving at George Square and while they were in the City Chambers they changed it back. Surely the boys deserve a bit of respect.

Jeannette Gray Posted online

Street wise

What a wonderful job the builders are doing in Shawlands by putting in new granite block pavements. It will certainly improve the look and help to regenerate the shopping and commercial area. I just hope that the Council do not send out their chewing gum removal squad with high pressure jets which only tends to blast the grout out between the blocks which makes them wobbly.

Hopefully they will also exercise some control on brewers delivery lorries who tend to crash full barrels onto pavements resulting in damage to the expensive improvements.

Bill Love Mosspark