I could not believe my eyes when I saw the centrepiece for the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games was the demolition of Red Road flats.

This will make us a laughing stock. It is cheap and it is tacky from a city renowned for its design from Alexander Greek Thompson to Charles Rennie Macintosh.

The Georgian and Victorian buildings are a magnet for students of architecture of that period worldwide.

The organisers of Glasgow 2014 who have spent two years and a multi-million pound budget on this extravaganza obviously cannot hale from these parts if the best they can do for a city so rich in history, culture and iconic landmarks is to screen to a billion people the destruction of a group of buildings that, in the post-war euphoria, offered high-rise dream homes for the people of the city.

A McGill Glasgow

Cinemas risk

There is a danger that a new cinema in Buchanan Galleries could put Cineworld just round the corner out of business. And what happens when the new cinemas open at Silverburn and the former Tusk nightclub in Moss Side Road?

Alan Hall Glasgow

Worthy cause

I was delighted to see that war memorial funding has been given out to give some a facelift in an important year. A worthy cause.

C Perkins Kinning Park

Get smart

YOUR memories page with a photo of Renfield Street from the 1950s reminded me of how well people used to dress. You always saw men in shirt and ties and women in their best clothes. It really is changed with most people favouring dressing down nowadays. Even on special occasions it seems to be jeans and a t-shirt. Perhaps we have been too influenced by the casual American way of dressing. Back to the good old days, I say.

L McGarrity Renfrewshire