I was interested to read your article last Wednesday about the Maryhill Housing Association taking a tenant to court because she would not register her dog.

As it says, some housing associations include in their tenancy agreements that residents must agree not to keep a dog.

The problem arises when the association does not enforce this policy.

If one person is allowed to break the rules, then everyone else feels that they have the right to do so and before long you get the irresponsible dog owners you then have to deal with.

What is the point of making rules if they are not enforced.

Tom Dunlop

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Deep end?

Further to an article I read about swimming is good for you, I do agree.

However, in this area, and having been at the Bellahouston pool, I would suggest that given the deep end is no more than your waist level, it is nothing more than an overgrown paddling pool.

Linda Gray

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Working out

Following a trip to Spain, I noticed pensioners and others working out on simple equipment on the beach and in parks.

Wouldn't it be great if we had the same apparatus here and access to leisure centres, such as Scotstoun, was not limited to car drivers (especially in bad weather).

James G McGinley


Voice success

I WAS surprised to read that The Voice lost viewers for its final show of the series (Monday).

I think it's been the best series yet, with the new line-up of coaches helping proving to be a winning combination. Hopefully Kylie Minogue returns next series.



Taxi card move

I READ that taxi passengers will now be able to pay their fares using chip and PIN machines (Monday).

It's about time this was introduced, particularly with an influx of visitors to Glasgow this year for the various events taking place.

G Hamilton

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