My friend and I went to George Square to welcome the soldiers.

Unfortunately there was no Union flag flying from the City Chambers. After several phone calls it was eventually raised.

A little too late Glasgow City Council, as the soldiers were already in the square.

Mrs Marshall Clydebank

My pet plan

OWNERS have hidden dogs in their high-rise homes for years, though many blocks have a 'no dog' policy.

Maryhill Housing Association has been reasonable in allowing dogs to be kept if registered. However, even now I would hope they let their non-complying tenant keep her dog if she registers it.

Pets are part of people's lives and company for many lonely people.

I feel the sheriff shouldn't ban someone for keeping a dig unless it is ill treated.

Gloria Boyle Glasgow

Paper chase

It's high time the bus companies stopped free newspapers being put on buses.

Travelling on the No 8 from Maryhill Road to Partick, discarded newspapers were all over the floor, along with discarded tickets.

Surely it's not too much to ask passengers to take the paper with them as they get off the bus?

J McArthur Scotstoun

Drug mules

Regarding Peru drug mule Melissa Reid serving her sentence in this country. I cannot believe that I can be the only person who is disgusted that this can be considered so early.

These girls went to South America in the hope of making a quick buck and had no consideration to the misery the product would bring on their return.

I believe that we should not be asked to pay for these girls' detention. They appear to have already arranged transfer.

How will other children and young people see this as any deterrent?

J Laird Via e-mail