REGARDING Red Road flats - if anything goes wrong with this, it's the end of all the bosses' careers.

Demolitions like this are risky, invariably don't take place on time and there is always the risk of unforeseen injury.

To apply pressure to this so it fits in with a Games opening timetable is dangerous - that's leaving to one side the poor taste and judgment it displays

The Red Road demolitions are nothing to do with any fantasy "Games Legacy" - this is just an attempt to make a public spectacle of the city's historic failure.

It is offensive, crass and stupid to make this a public entertainment.

Give it up while any shred of self-respect remains.

Scott Nicol, Glasgow

Pool problem

REGRADING the letter in Tuesday's Evening Times about the Bellahouston pool, I wonder if the lady is on the tall side.

I am a regular swimmer at the Bellahouston pool and if I try to stand at the deep end, the water is almost at my mouth. I am only 5ft 2in, though.

Anne Melvin Sent by email

Lane for sick?

I SEE there is now an idea to launch a dedicated cycle lane to the new Southern General Hospital.

Who is it for? Will sick people use it instead of calling an ambulance?

It will go the same way as the under-used Waterloo Street cycle lane with its own set of traffic lights holding up the drivers on the road.

Surely the money could have been directed into something more useful or spent on the many potholes around the city.

Angry motorist Glasgow

Space highlight

I HAVE great memories of the transport museum in Albert Drive, as I lived five minutes' walk away.

It was great place to spend a day. My highlight was queuing to see the Apollo 10 module.

I still enjoy visiting Riverside.

Alan Clark Glasgow